Veberöd Chronicles

(Very) sporadic insights into the life of a family in a small Southern Swedish town

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Up North

This day we got our home for the coming 3 weeks, a spirit 4 travel home and as soon as we got it we left Cairns.... a bit IMG_3609.JPG out of Cairns we went to a local supermarket (Woolworths) and as usual we were wondering why Swedish supermarkets couldn't just be a bit like this. It will be difficult when we are back home :-(

We wanted to explore more of the tropical rainforest so it seemed very logical to travel up north and we were not disappointed. The road went straight along the ocean with great views, although it was still grey weather. IMG_3610.JPG We stopped for a short time in Port Douglas before we went to the first camp site of our trip (Big4 Glengarry). Nicely laid out and so quiet! We felt as if we made the most noise of all people there (and we were not particularly noisy either!)


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