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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Arriving Down Under

We had a 7 hour night time flight from Singapore to Brisbane which was both good and bad since we didn't lose any daytime, but as a night flight it was a bit too short and we all slept pretty badly. When we arrived in Brisbane we felt not too great and it didn't get any better when it turned out that about 400 or so WYF German Catholic teenagers fresh from seeing the Pope in Sydney were travelling on the plane to Cairns as well. The flight was delayed for an hour while we waited for the last of them to turn up. Luckily they were all rushed through customs as they were all in the same group.

During that second flight both Saskia and I slept all the way while Marit kept Derek awake....

When we arrived the weather was grey and Cairns, well it has a lovely esplanade but not so much else I fear. Our hotel for the night was good and it had a pool so we swam some dozen laps in order to get some circulation back in those tired travel-limbs. We had rijsttafel at the Balinese restarant associated with the hotel and that was the best rijsttafel I have ever eaten and I do like rijsttafel (I'm Dutch after all....)



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