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Saturday, July 19, 2008


For our last day in Singapore we decided to have a stroll in the Botanical Gardens. The trip to it turned out to be a bit more of a walk then we had planned . But we got a look of the wealth of Orchard Road and the exclusive mansions of Nassim Road, and we actually did do a bit of shopping on the way too. It was the sunniest day so far and quite warm it was too. The directions we had to the gardens were quite sketchy and we were a bit afraid that we were completely missing it but luckily not!

We arrived at lunch-time so the first thing we did was to hot the food-court. a dozen of small places were you could order yoIMG_3534.JPGur dishes and we sampled some Singapore dishes such as laksa, carrot cake (which is a kind of potato-omelette with not a carrot in sight as far as we could tell) and more.

After that we went into the gardens and they were lovely. It was Sunday so many people were wandering around and it was just so pretty. Lush, green with beautiful flowers, water elements art and fields. We went into the special orchid gardens and that was even moreIMG_3545.JPG special. only problem, why did they have to have a special Margaret Thatcher variety, it just doesn't make sense. Or maybe in a way it does since so much of the high buildings are banks and financial institutes that in a way are always associated with the worst of the 1980's/1990's excesses.

But on the whole Singapore is really really a great city where we could have spend much more time. One of the best things is that although it is a huge city the people are especially nice and really helpful!



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