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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Baker to Buena Park

Not a particularly interesting day. We drove from Baker to Buena Park, near Anaheim and Disneyland. To be honest I've had it up to here with the quality of American freeways. They are just abominable and the higher the speed limit it seems the worse the roads. They're just a patchwork of concrete and asphalt in random constellations and you get the impression that they have been repaired willy nilly and with no great skill. I wonder if this is because Americans want to have their automobile culture but no-one wants to pay for it with tax dollars?

We stopped off at Calico Ghost Town, which has preserved some original buildings and recreated some others from a mining town that had its heyday in the 1880s. We took lots of nice pictures of it but I managed to erase them all when fiddling with the camera later on.

In the evening we had a fabulous Korean barbecue at a restaurant in Buena Park called Suhra. I would recommend it to anyone!


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