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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Well we seem to have survived a day at Disneyland. We just had a ticket to a single theme park on a single day, so we had to pack a lot in!

What we liked:

The very high quality of all the attractions and rides

The organisation

The fireworks

On the phone in Toontown

What we didn't like

Incessantly being told what to do by recorded and real voices, especially when the instructions being given were just common sense.

Not knowing whether the personnel were being sincere when they asked us e.g. if we were enjoying ourselves. Probably not, but if they were it was kind of scary that they could be interested in so many of the people they met.

The sheer number of people there and hence

The waiting time for the attractions (90 minutes at worst, but we skipped that one)

The fact that the FastTrack system (which should give you a prebooked time for a ride so you don't have to wait in line) either didn't work or gave you a time seven hours later, and the fact that you could only use it once every two hours.

Overpriced food

However the three positive factors somehow mysteriously outweighed the five negative ones.

Saskia and Tigger


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