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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Singapore zoo

After the long travel it seemed only fair to go to the zoo to give the children a break. It turned out that Singapore Zoo is a great place for adults too so nothing was lost. First we went through Singapore's excellent public transport system. It took some time before we had figured out the ticket system (a dollar deposit on every ticket but you can't reuse them...) but after that we were impressed. It must be very highly subsidised. Marit was just over the 90cm limit when you start to count for full fare but we took a chance that no-one would notice.


The zoo was great with good planning, spacious areas for the animals and everything in that beautiful tropical setting. It was overcast, which was actually great since we were outdoors the whole time. Otherwise the 95% humidity in Singapore was pretty oppressive. The animals were impressive and we had a great time. There is actually more then one zoo in Singapore and you can get combined tickets. This is what we did and for the evening we visited the Night Safari zoo, a place dedicated to show (nocturnal) animals at night time. there is a tram that goes through the park and there are walks too. In between we had food at a local restaurant, lots of choice and excellent. 200807221936.jpg


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