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Friday, July 18, 2008



For our second full day we decided to go to the hustle and bustle of Chinatown and although the picture doesn't really show it, it is indeed busy as it should be. Loads of small stalls with all kind of things, the intriguing shops with mysterious roots and dried items and all that food. Singapore must have most restaurants in the world andIMG_3501.JPG it is just so good as well. We ended up at a Hindu temple where a service was taken place with loud, very loud music. Impressive artwork all over.


After that morning we slowly made our way to Raffles Point where we went on a boat trip on the Singapore River. A great way to look at a city and it also gives a rest. After that since the museum of asiatic cultures was at the landing place we decided to go in and have a look. What a great place! A real nice blend of objects, films, exhibits and children areas scattered all over the place. Saskia loved the place.

When we came out the whole of Singapore's school age kids seemed to walk in a long procession along the street. we never found out what event it was but it was funny to see. It had started to rain as well so they were all wearing DSCN0780.JPG colourful plastic bag-like Macs which made it even funnier. We had a "Bacardi-advertisement"° drink at a bar at the quay while the tropical rain was pouring down. When it was drier we walked back to Chinatown for a proper chinese dinner. On the way back it started to pour again and since we were not equipped with colourful Macs we got soaking wet but since the rain was warm and not like northern Europe's cold stuff it was it was oddly pleasing....

° Old dutch advertisement showing people drinking coctails somewhere in a tropical place while rain is pouring down.


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