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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Broken window

For today we had planned to do a big drive and then we would stay for two days in 1770/Agnes Water and do not do any travelling at all. The next 300 km or so where anyways not in any guidebook so that could only mean that we were in for a real boring bit. And you knows that you are really in for a bit of a long day when the nearest place signposted for is 170 km further away.... Indeed it was a long day and just on 3/4 of the way something "exciting" happened that was just a bit too exciting... A car going in the other direction brought up a stone and it shattered the window above our little kitchen unit. The window just broke into a million bits and they slowly started to blow inside. There was no easy place to stop and it was kind of scary too.

A small road leading to a kind of chemical factory was the place we could finally stop and clear all the glass that had blown into the mobile home and oversee the damage. There was one guy working in the office there who gave us a cardboard box and some packing tape to cover up the window. We called the Maui office in Brisbane who have found some kind of glass-smith in Bundaberg, but we haven't got the final details yet.

In the end we were too tired and stressed to drive to 1770 anyway, so we stopped at a place called Tannum Sands. The 450km of driving that we did do gave Derek an intense pain in his shoulders which might take days to go away, based on past experience. It's that killer combination of bumpy camper and Australian roads. The drive was pretty mind-numbingly boring too. If we see another sugar-cane field...

Tomorrow we might spend the day in Bundaberg while the window is repaired.

No nice pictures to illustrate the chaos...

(Marjolein & Derek)

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