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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Saskia's igloo

Saskia's igloo
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At least 60cm of snow have fallen in the past couple of days and there's more to come! In fact there was so much to clear away from the driveway (so that the newspaper man and postman could reach us; the former has been known to throw the paper on the snow sans plastic bag when really annoyed!) that we were able to make a cosy igloo for Saskia.

Today we tried to drive to Eslöv to have lunch with Yngve, Kaoken, Paula and Elisabeth. However after only a few km we started to feel that this exercise in skating on wheels might not turn out well. We even went straight to the nearest tyre dealer (which was up a hill, leading to some nervosity about whether we would actually get there) and bought new winter tyres, but after a second attempt to reach Eslöv, only making it a couple of km further, we gave up and came home. Naturally Saskia was disappointed in a major way.


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