Veberöd Chronicles

(Very) sporadic insights into the life of a family in a small Southern Swedish town

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Don't touch that dial

We apologise for the sporadic nature of this blog (is anyone reading it anyway?) It's not like there's nothing happening, it's just that there's never any time to write about it... Saskia's been for her first two visits to her new school here in Veberöd. The first day she was there for two and a half hours and broke the ice so effectively with her new classmates that she even ended up giving them a rendition of "Vimsiga Små Fröknar", a song she learned at dagis. She liked it so much that she wanted to go back for another morning. Saskia will have a Dutch girl in her class, Dieuwke. It turns out that there are at least four families here in this village of 5000 inhabitants with one or more family members from the Netherlands! There are apparently even a couple of Scots in the surroundings, but I haven't met them. To find out this kind of stuff you have to get your hair cut in the village, not in Lund...


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