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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Saskia's gap

Saskia's gap
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The great day has arrived. Saskia has lost her first tooth! However our attempts to make any magic out of it all were thwarted by her refusal to believe in tooth fairies. A free translation from Saskia's trilingual original:
"You put that gold coin next to the bed, didn't you?"
"How do you know that then?"
"Tooth fairies don't exist. Just like Father Christmas..."
So Saskia is apparently a true sceptic who refuses to believe in what she can't see with her own eyes. She has the makings of a good scientist, ironic in view of the fact that her parents are scientists trying to perpetuate myths!
We were also amazed by her quick thinking on Christmas Day: "But pappa, the presents were wrapped in the same paper as last year. That means it can't have been Father Christmas that brought them. So he doesn't exist, does he?" Serves me right for being such a cheapskate...


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