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Sunday, March 27, 2005


Saskia at Junibacken
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On Saturday we had a trip to Junibacken, the children's literature centre on Djurgården founded by Astrid Lindgren. It was jam-packed with parents and kids, as you might expect. The first thing we did was to take "Sagotåget", in which you sit in a carriage and are transported through a series of tableaux of scenes from Astrid Lindgren books. Everything but Pippi Långstrump actually. The reason for this omission becomes apparent once you leave the train and come into a large room with a full-size model of Villa Villekulla, Pippi's house. Both the last time we visited Junibacken and this time we were lucky to arrive at Villa Villekulla just in time for a spot of childrens' theatre, this time Pippi and a couple of pirates. There were also plenty of tables with paper and crayons, and the picture shows Saskia in full creative flight.


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