Veberöd Chronicles

(Very) sporadic insights into the life of a family in a small Southern Swedish town

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

For the first time we had to follow Swedish tradition and open the Christmas presents on the 24th. Waiting until Christmas Day had been OK when Saskia was at kindergarten, but now she's at school peer pressure has set in in a big way, and expectations were high for the 24th. However we didn't watch Kalle Anka (Donald Duck for those out of the loop), in fact no TV at all... In this particular wrapping paper could be found Cluedo Junior (no murder, just a grave case of eating cake between meals) and she also got some clothes and another game, Kids from Catan. Marit and the two elder members of the household were also well taken care of by Santa (who, Saskia will explain to all and sundry, does not exist...) In fact we had left rice pudding and a drink for Santa and his reindeer, and despite the fact that they were consumed by the morning Saskia refused to believe that You Know Who had been responsible. Shades of the tooth fairy (see earlier entries!)


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