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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Water Lilies

Last year I had a lot of meetings...I did a lot of doodling....


And one of these doodles became this little cardigan. The doodle had some dramatic pleats and I did like that, so I wondered whether I could actually make it into a knit. I knew the yarn to be used had to have drape and it probably would work the best in a fingering weight yarn. Which is of course not a problem since there are so many gorgeous yarns in this weight around. Since there is some contrast between the stockinette and reverse stockinette, I think this works best in a hand-painted yarn. The box-pleat has some unexpected columns that don't show immediately. Each front panel has a pleat while the back has a central pleat. Since it is mainly stockinette, it is only making the pleats which needs some extra attention.

Water Lilies

The first cardigan I knitted, I used Jitterbug "Monet" and the knitted up fabric really reminded me of the "Water Lily" paintings that Monet made, so WaterLilies it is. The second cardigan is knitted in MadelineTosh Merino Light "Nectar" and this is a really lovely dusty rose-coloured yarn. And yes water-lilies again...The Jitterbug is just slightly thicker than the Merino Light and the cardigan has just a slightly different feel to it. Also the MerinoLight is a singly ply and that makes a difference too.

In both cases I was careful and alternated the yarn every two rows in order to avoid funny colour differences or pooling. The pattern is available in sizes 4-5 (5-6, 7-8, 9-10) years with actual measurements at the chest: 68 (72, 76, 80) cm; 26.5 (28, 30, 31.5)”.

And after standing still since mum is making dull photos.... this is what you do: