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Monday, August 25, 2008

More rain


Unfortunately even on our last day we had to cope with constant terrific rain. We started the day by heading of to the Tsujiki Fish Market but by the time we arrived it was of course too late to see the dealing that makes this such a exciting place. However the little alleys with small shops and tiny fish restaurants (some with very impressive queues) were very worthwhile exploring. I did buy a good Japanese cooking knife in one of the stalls (for vegetable cutting) for Derek's birthday and the knife was carefully sharpened and polished by one of the shop-keepers.

After that we strolled to the Hama-rikyu gardens which are just around the corner. The contrast between the very green gardens and the very modern city that surrounds it are a sight to behold. Unfortunately by that time the rain was coming down in even greater intensity which made it difficult to fully explore the garden. We discovered the waterbus at one end of the gardens but unfortunately for the place we wanted to go to there is no service on mondays so we strolled on. Eventually we were getting hungry and headed for the ultra modern city again for lunch. In the afternoon we spent more time in department stores hiding from the relentless rain. IMG_4617.JPG


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