Veberöd Chronicles

(Very) sporadic insights into the life of a family in a small Southern Swedish town

Monday, August 01, 2005


Saskia in Amsterdam
Originally uploaded by lundapagen.
Today we drove to Amsterdam from Katwijk, left the car at Transferium, the giant car park attached to Ajax's giant stadium, and took the metro into the city centre. Saskia found this pair of giant clogs soon after we left the central station. We spent quite a lot of the day on a "boat bus" that had many stops on several lines, which allowed us to get on and off at leisure. had dinner at a Japanese restaurant: our first experience of teppanyaki. The twirling of salt and pepper grinders was interesting but I'm sure it palls after you've seen it a couple of times. The food was great though. Unfortunately the battery on the digital camera ran out a couple of hours after taking this photo, and we had in our haste forgotten to bring the charger, so there are no more pictures from this holiday.