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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mooney Beach

Left Ballina this morning. Stopped in Grafton for morning coffee in some kind of ecological alternative café / social work centre / art gallery / ecological information point. Nice and scruffy! Good cakes too. Headed for Coffs Harbour and stopped at a very pleasant place 12km north of the town centre called Mooney Beach. The camp site was surrounded on three sides by water - on the left and right were creeks, one narrow one wide, and in front was a wide sandy delta formed by these two creeks and leading out to the beach.


Saskia got to do some more bodyboarding in the creek (no crocodiles down here...) The main dilemma was here how to find the spot to cross the creek to come to the beach. One almost felt like a scout. Unfortunately we could not spend a lot of time on the beach and in the (quit warm) waves since not good looking clouds were coming in and we had a spell of not so nice weather. However five hours of free wireless Internet were included in the fee so there was plenty of time to catch up on old e-mails.


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