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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Koala spotting

After Hervey Bay we thought we would travel south to Noosa and see how that would be. Noosa was indeed different toIMG_3919.JPG the places we had seen before (very "boutiquey", as someone on a previous camp-site described it quite accurately) and since it was extremely busy we decided to go to the Noosa National Park to have a walk/beach visit there. The beaches were rocky but with loads of rock pools and places to look for sea life so we roamed about in search of crabs, sea-cucumbers and small fish. The park was really pretty too with paths along the ocean with eerie eucalyptus trees making a complete unusual forest (at least for us). The light had this special yellow sheen and it was just all very fitting. And then we saw one of those magical creatures one hears so much about but actually never sees since I can't recall I ever saw one in a zoo. A koala and in the wild too! It was sitting high up in a tree looking over the ocean and occasionally yawning. Even it was quite high up, it looked pretty cuddly but I'm told they are actually quite easily irritated. This one looked as if it was king over its part of the world and as if it was checking the ocean for ships to come.

Until today we always had found a place on a campsite if we needed one so we naturally thought it wouldn't be a problem but now we ran into a problem: No free places at all.. The area is much more build up and loads more people around and apparently the monday is a bank-holiday in New South Wales.... So in the end we decided to try one of the free campsites along the Bruce Highway. It was getting pitch black and for one reason or another we had lost the piece of map of where we were at that moment. We did find it though, made dinner and had a very early night...


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